Petit Pli

Petit Pli - image

Petit Pli is a wearable technology company. Petit Pli aims to clothe the future of humanity, starting with the next generation. London-based Petit Pli was founded in 2017, by trained aeronautical engineer Ryan Mario Yasin. Shortly after Ryan gifted clothes to his newborn nephew, they were already too small! This experience served as a signal: childrenswear today fails to recognise the dynamic & rapidly changing bodies of Earth’s LittleHumans.

Inspired by aerospace engineering, Petit Pli’s continuous size adjustment is a new way of approaching garment design – one suitable to high growth rates in children. Petit Pli uses technical materials that are ultra-lightweight, reinforced, rainproof and breathable because children are extreme athletes.

Today, Petit Pli’s team consists of an agile force of interdisciplinary design engineers, fashion designers, neuroscientists and sociologists.