DeFINE Network Members

We know it takes a community of talented individuals and aspiring organisations to make a real impact in developing a fashion-tech community. As a member, we have lot’s of opportunities for you to get involved with the DeFINE project.

Fashion and Tech Start-ups and SMEs

We recognise that start-ups and SMEs are the heart of innovation and the DeFINE project wishes to support business growth through interactive events and mentoring programmes.

What is available for me?
  • Register to attend any Info Day across Europe; you’ll learn the opportunities and challenges of the fashion-tech industry, as well as, interact and network with fashion and technology industry professionals.
  • Apply for the two-day intensive Bootcamp on business and investment readiness. During the Bootcamp, there will be a team of mentors and industry experts to help you vet your idea, show you how to do business planning and help you to ask and answer the important financial questions you need to write a business plan. You will also be provided with one-to-one support to apply for the Mentoring Programme.
  • Once you are confident with your business idea and plan; apply for the eight-month Mentoring Programme. During the programme, we will have a dedicated team that will help you turn dreams to reality and get the support you need to grow your business.
  • Sign up to the free DeFINE Network online and be part of the directory to increase your business exposure and to network with business support organisations and fashion-tech key players.

By the end of the events and mentoring programme:

  •  Gained knowledge from industry experts around the fashion-tech industry from market research, types of investments, product insight to marketing tools and new business models.
  • Through the Bootcamps; been able to vet your business idea and create a business plan.
  • During the Mentoring programme, undergone an extensive session with mentors to further develop your business plan ready to showcase to the public and investors.
Who should apply?

Fashion start-ups and SMEs with a technology element to the business idea. Tech start-ups and SMEs interested in understanding and solving the fashion supply chain inefficiencies and innovation. Fashion-tech start-ups and SMEs already merging the two disciplines and require support to further develop ideas.

Business Support Organisations

If you are an accelerators, incubators, hub or cluster; we have produced something special for you.

What is available for me?

Recognising the need to increase exposure, we have designed an interactive European wide Accelerator and Incubator Mapping to showcase your organisation. Sign up to the DeFINE Network and get a chance to display your organisation details on the map among other innovating business support organisations. We will ask you a series of questions to make it easier for the community members to discover your organisation and connect with you.


By joining the network this will raise your organisations exposure to the wider fashion-tech eco-system and a chance to connect with start-ups, SMEs, financiers and industry professionals through the DeFINE network.

Who should apply?

Any business support organisations such as accelerators, incubators, clusters and hubs based in a COSME participating country – EU 28 + Montenegro, Turkey, FYROM, Albania, Serbia, Moldavia, Armenia, Iceland.

Individuals and Companies

As fashion and technology industry professionals, financiers, higher educational institutions, students, policy makers and the wider community we have a series of insightful Info Days designed for you to learn, engage and network.

What is available for me?

You are invited to attend any of the Info Days across Europe to learn and get inspired by the emerging field of fashion-tech. Hear from fashion and technology industry professionals on the latest tools and techniques that is changing the world of fashion. Learn about the global fashion-tech market share and who is investing in which company. Join the live discussions on how the fashion-tech community can further evolve from sustainability, innovative business models to best practice. Meet the team behind DeFINE and find out how you can get involved with this European co-funded project.


By signing up to the DeFINE network and being listed on the online directory that is launching soon, this will increase your exposure among the community and allow you to network and interact with key players in the fashion-tech space.

Who should apply?

Anyone interested in fashion-tech is encouraged to sign up and become a DeFINE member. We welcome fashion and technology industry professionals, financiers, higher educational institutions, students, policy makers and the wider community to join and network among each other.

There are no country restrictions to signing up and being part of the online directory.