Mentored Businesses Round 2

Disrupting the Footwear Industry


FindSourcing is a digital marketplace where brands and buyers in the footwear industry can find, compare and objectively evaluate trustworthy and professional suppliers. Findsourcing aims to save the footwear industry approximately €20+ billion each year, and buyers 5-20% off of purchasing costs.

Revolutionising Fashion & Health


Aequidem is revolutionising clothing for teenagers and young adults who are regularly hospitalised. Alongside a community-building project, they aim to provide innovative, sustainable and creative pieces that allow those receiving treatment the flexibility they need from their clothing.

Innovative Clothing Storage


Cloudrobe provides innovative physical and digital storage. We pick up items that owners use seasonally or occasionally, providing ad-hoc treatments, like lint removal or laundry services. Items are photographed and stored in our warehouse, and returned on request to their owner via our digital platform.

B2B Custom Fashion

Uno Apparel

Uno Apparel Europe is a leading supplier of premium custom made Promotional Apparel, Uniform, Workwear and Bags. They design and manufacture made-to-measure, innovative, smart and sustainable apparel and accessories to serve their customers’ communication and visual identity objectives.

Wearable Tech Knitwear


FeelMoreKnitwear is a wearable-tech brand whose functional sweater includes knitted sensors which collect and analyse cardiovascular data, such as your heart rate variability. Using a mixture of tech and natural yarns, the collected data is sent to their phone app and informs the user in real-time of the changes.

AR Enabler for Fashion Brands


IL3X is an AR enabler for fashion brands, creating digital garments which are designed to be worn in digital spaces only, like Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. IL3X builds off of a new need in younger generations to buy trending and exclusive apparel that is both affordable and has zero impact on the environment.

Next Generation Handbags


MINOIS has one key mission; to empower women in their busy, daily lives. They believe a bag should not only look and feel beautiful, but it should work like magic. Opening your bag and finding what you need should be quick and enjoyable. MINOIS handbags use technology to make your life easier.

Tech-Driven Outdoor Apparel


FreyZein creates sustainable urban-outdoor products with a circular business model inspired by the cradle-to-cradle philosophy. Working on a new technology and a patent with a BiCircular® Material Technology they create products, like their signature jacket, for use in urban areas and nature.

Improving Fashion Supply Chains


Cikis is an independent platform that allows fashion companies to integrate sustainability into their supply chain, as well as helping to improve, track and communicate their sustainability commitment by using digital badges to communicate their sustainability scores in a transparent way.

Digital Textile Innovation

Studio HILO

Studio HILO is a Berlin-based studio for digital textile innovation. Their open-source HILO spinning machine and software for local yarn production empowers designers, researchers and small producers to redefine their processes from the fibre to the textile, creating playgrounds for independent yarn production.

3D and AR Fitting Room


WEARFITS is a 3D and AR virtual internet fitting room for e-commerce with a comfort and size advisor, improving customer experience of online shopping with regards to clothing and footwear. Their technology provides photorealistic clothing visualization and animation on customer silhouettes.

Virtual Stylist Solution


GetDressed are creating a solution that uses a virtual stylist based on Machine Learning technology. Using a mobile application that is a virtual wardrobe combined with a virtual stylist, the app will operate through e-commerce sites suggesting the best possible clothing options for the user.

Effective Solutions for Fashion Businesses


Disignum is a company that develops innovative technology solutions for companies operating in both B2C and B2B environments. Each project is made with fine tailoring and attention to detail in order to create functional, manageable and effective solutions.

Solving Fashion's Stock Problem

Lithe Apparel

Lithe Apparel is aiming to become the international standard in the Athleisure industry by solving the biggest problem within the fashion industry – stock. With their highly efficient manufacturing process, they have created a revolutionary launch process to release new collections in less than 48 hours.

Digitising the Fashion Industry

Thrill Digital

Thrill Digital is a fashion technology studio on a mission to digitize the fashion industry, especially for small to medium-sized brands. They believe the future of fashion exists in a “phygital” form where all fashion products are digital-first before they are bought and sent to the customer in physical form.


Miro Solutions

Miro is an e-commerce solution that uses Augmented Reality to digitise in-store shopping. Our proprietary software provides footwear retailers with a solution to increase positive customer experiences online, reduce physical returns, and provide data for hyper-accurate merchandise planning.

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