Mentored Businesses Round 1

Ending ill-fitted bras for good


Brarista is a personal bra-fitting assistant for every woman.

Their app offers an automated, personal and secure online bra-fitting experience as a B2B2C solution. Their vision is to build a new ecosystem for the online bra-shopping experience by working closely with different brands, manufacturers & retailers.



Cleed is a personalized shopping assistant within women and men’s ready to wear, joining fashion expertise and Artificial Intelligence.

Totally automated and free, it allows the customer not to miss any potential item they will love, saving time and to buy online through more than 6000 brands.

clothes that grow

Petit Pli

Petit Pli aims to clothe the future of humanity, starting with the next generation.

Inspired by aerospace engineering, its continuous size adjustment is a new way of approaching garment design – one suitable to high growth rate in children – with ultra-lightweight, reinforced, rainproof and breathable materials.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT MANAGEMENT SOLUTION is a cloud-based product development management solution that is designed specifically for the fashion industry.

It provides a framework and easy-to-understand taxonomy for companies large and small to track the progress of collections and individual styles, without the use of traditional spreadsheets.


Our Closet

Our Closet is a peer-to-peer fashion rental marketplace, focussed on disrupting the current unsustainable fashion industry through a circular/ sharing economy, while empowering women by allowing them to monetise their wardrobe.

They provide a safe and secure platform to facilitate rentals between women in the UK.

encapsulated bacteria


Skin Series aims to encapsulate pro biotic bacteria into textiles, in order to improve skin health.

‘Skin II’, explores the benefits of encapsulating probiotic bacteria into the fibres of clothing. The bacteria are associated with reduced body odour, cell renewal, and improving the skin’s immune system.


Genius Objects

Genius Objects (GO) is an e-textile French startup which provides brands, manufacturers and leather goods makers with turnkey solutions.

From connected sensors to mobile applications, Genius Objects’ technologies, ready-to-connect, allow customers to quickly develop new intelligent products.



Senstile aims to bring more transparency to the fashion industry through innovative tech.

Their innovative sensor captures the physical properties of textiles beyond a simple image, and then this dataset is then uploaded to the cloud, allowing designers to understand what a fabric feels like without physical touch.

size recommendation


Sizease helps consumers buy the right size for themselves, or for relatives, by a fashion social network where customers can track and share the sizes of the clothes and shoes they wear/want.

This data also enables customers to buy accurately fitting clothes from brands they have not used before.



Greendeck is a B2B SaaS company that uses Artificial Intelligence to help fashion retailers and brands with price and promotion optimisation and competitor intelligence.

This leads to increase in revenue and saving several hours of manual work, promoting the use of automation within the industry.

wearable technology

Tinker Design

Tinker Design is a wearable technology company addressing health, wellness and comfort.

Tinker fuses artisan craft with cutting-edge technology, to redefine luxury for women’s feet, addressing a new concept in shoe therapy; self-care helping the customer to de-stress, relax and nurture their wellbeing.

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