Investment Tips for Fashion-Tech Ventures with Thierry Baujard, Media Deals

Investment Tips for Fashion and Fashion-Tech Ventures – DeFINE Webinar In this webinar, Thierry Baujard, founder and CEO of pan-European investment network Media Deals, discusses investment tips and strategies for fashion and fashion-tech start-ups and SMEs. The webinar covers a range of topics, including advice on creating the perfect pitch deck, what investors are looking […]

  • Chiara Di Lodovico
  • 17 November 2020
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DeFINE & CAST Online Investment Forum

Are you an investor interested in fashion-tech and sustainable tourism? Join us for the DeFINE (Developing a Fashion-tech Innovation Network for Europe) and CAST (Creative Accelerators for Sustainable Tourism) Online Investment Forum to hear the pitches from the next generation of innovative fashion-tech and sustainable tourism startups on the day of the initially planned Global […]

Create a successful pitch using the NABC technique with Simon Hjelte, INK

  Create a successful pitch using the NABC technique – DeFINE Webinar Simon Hjelte, Business Developer at Borås INK discusses his top tips for building a successful pitch. Here, you will learn how to use the NABC technique when working on your pitch, focusing on Need, Approach, Benefit and Competition. The NABC Model has been […]

Fashion-tech landscape with Giusy Cannone, Fashion Technology Accelerator

  Giusy Cannone, CEO of Fashion Technology Accelerator speaking at Info Day – Paris about how the fashion industry should be adopting emerging technologies, from data analytics, computer vision, and face recognition to 3D technology. While exploring the investment landscape of the fashion-tech industry. This talk took place at Info Day – Paris as part […]