IP Essentials for Fashion Entrepreneurs with Roxanne Peters, UAL

Intellectual Property Essentials for Fashion Entrepreneurs | DeFINE Webinars

Intellectual Property is a legal right that protects the financial and reputation interests of creators and innovators. It supports your agency for creating value and making a difference, working at the intersection of art, design, science and technology.

In this webinar, Roxanne Peters offers you a broad overview on Intellectual Property features. For instance, you will discover why it is important to be familiar with it for fashion and fashion-tech entrepreneurs. Additionally, Roxanne presents IP essentials, benefits for start-ups and SMEs, as well as why you should implement it in your business strategy. Finally, some tips and tricks on where to find further help are shared.


Who is Roxanne Peters?

Roxanne is Creative and Cultural Rights Strategist with over 15 years experience, working internationally within cultural heritage and creative sectors. She worked at the V&A and at a pan-European level for digital platform European Foundation in strategy, policy and advocacy. During her career, she has cultivated relationships with artists, designers and institutions to digitise and license content for cultural and commercial exchange. She is UAL’s Intellectual Property Lecturer and enjoys using her practice-based knowledge to empower creatives, innovators and change makers starting out in professional practice. Current work includes the intersection of IP and ethics in creative enterprise and socially responsive design.


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