The Fashion-Tech Paradigm with Livia Tenuta, PoliMi

The Fashion-Tech Paradigm – DeFINE Webinar

Livia Tenuta, Researcher at Politecnico di Milano, shares useful insights on the state of the art, latests trend and future scenarios of the Fashion-Tech paradigm. Firstly, you will discover the long lasting relationship between fashion and technology along history and current opportunities.

Here, the analysis of the intersection between Fashion and Technology is illustrated through the following topics.


History of technological innovations:

  • First, second and third industrial revolutions
  • 70s, the space age
  • 80s, the development of artificial materials
  • 90s, the raise of internet and web
  • 2000s, the birth and diffusion social networks and online platforms


State of the Art of the Fashion-Tech Field

  • Wearable Technologies
  • Smart Textiles
  • Digital Manufacturing


Innovative scenarios:

  • Hypercraft: 3D to design and production
  • Embedded technologies: apparel and accessories
  • Augmented/virtual reality and retail


In conclusion, latest trends and future directions:

  • Protection and body enhancement through artificial second skin
  • Culture driven wearable: art, technology and innovation
  • Hyper-body: connecting senses and materials
  • Fashion-Tech takes care
  • Real/Virtual mixed environments


Are you interested in knowing more about the webinar contents? Check out the Education and Research Benchmarking Report developed by EU Project E4FT (Education for Fashion Tech:Interdisciplinary Curriculum for Fashion in the Digital Era). As a result, it contains a broad overview of processes, resources, tools and contents characterising the current fashion-tech field. The report offers interesting insights on players active in the sector, best practices and upcoming trends in the field. Certainly a great resource for the DeFINE Community!


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