Create a successful pitch using the NABC technique with Simon Hjelte, INK


Create a successful pitch using the NABC technique – DeFINE Webinar

Simon Hjelte, Business Developer at Borås INK discusses his top tips for building a successful pitch. Here, you will learn how to use the NABC technique when working on your pitch, focusing on Need, Approach, Benefit and Competition.

The NABC Model has been developed in USA, by the Stanford Research Institute as a tool to structure, assess and develop a project value proposition.

In this webinar, Simon will read the NABC method to support the building of an effective pitch. Below we selected insights on the key question a start-up will need to answer to clearly present its innovative idea to future possible stakeholders.


  • N – Need
      • What problem are you trying to solve?
      • How big is the problem?
      • Who is experiencing this problem?
      • What is causing it?
      • What does it cause?
      • Monetary or emotional?
    • WHY
      • Why you should solve it?
      • No need, no greed!


  • A – Approach
      • What is the solution you are offering?
      • How does it work?
      • What is the effect?
    • MARKET
      • Where is it?
      • How big it is?
      • How will you address it?
      • What is your traction?
      • Barriers for entry?
      • Growth expectations?
      • Sales model
      • Business model
      • Supply chain
      • Finance
      • Partnerships
      • Team composition and core competences
      • Advisory Board/Board of Directors?
      • Suppliers?
      • Service providers?


  • B – Benefit
      • Why is your “better” actually better?
      • Cost benefits?
      • New business?
      • Effectivity?
      • New revenue streams?
      • New market?
      • Other?
    • EFFECT
      • Increased profit?
      • System change?
      • Conversion?
      • Business Intelligence?
      • Other?


  • C – Competition
    • Are there existing solutions?
    • Who are they?
    • What is their traction?
    • How are you different?
    • Clarify your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) – Positioning, Pricing, Function, Network, Solution


Who is Simon Hjelte?

Simon works as a Business Developer at Inkubatorn i Borås (Ink Borås) where he focus on companies in the fashion and textile technology field. He support startups in the entire business development process, focusing on new business models for the new type of fashion startups that we see coming. Simon’s expertise is to discover an idea’s intrinsic value and make business of it – a skill he has developed by knowing the fashion industry in depth. Simon is a tailor in principle. He has worked through all parts of the textile and fashion value chain and used to operate his own jeans micro-factory.  Simon initiated the process of Ink Borås taking the position as Scandinavia’s leading business developing partner for startups within the area of fashion technology. From the beginning of 2019 and forward, Ink Borås has an increased focus on attracting startups with technical innovations in textile and fashion.


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