Interview with Digital Fashion Designer Sara Savian

  • By Emily Webster
  • 10 July 2020
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Sara Savian is a fashion designer and creative maker based in Milan. She works mainly as a freelance professional in the field of fashion as a digital designer and she is particularly passionate about CAD patterns, vector graphics and laser cutting. She works out of Makerspace, with shared tools and a community of people with different skills allowing collaborations to develop complex creative projects. Thanks to these connections, she has been able to carry out interactive design projects that involve a variety of digital fabrication techniques.

Which are the challenges for the Fashion-Tech sector today, in your experiences?

Fashion-Tech challenges today are all about open source, I think. The way we develop different projects from the old way, how we make fashion, is what is most interesting to me about fashion and technology.

What is the future of Fashion-tech, according to your experience? What are you dreaming to design in the fashion-tech area?

 The next Fashion-Tech idea that we are developing is motion wear. It’s a collection of garments made with digital fabrication that are for all the people to design together with us, it’s based on the design process and not on seasonal process, and we want to implement all different digital technologies inside our collection so, for example, digital pattern making, laser cutting, 3D printing and embedded technology garments that could be worn every day.


How does the design process change when using digital tools?

 The design process is quite close to the other design processes, the classic design process. But the difference is that it’s much faster and it needs prototyping in a different way from how fashion is thought today. Of course, you need to try out many different techniques, so it means that sometimes the design process is longer, and if you use different technologies in order to improve the fastness, for example, laser cutting, that helps a lot in the making of many different garments in a very small time.


Can you use the same expertise when moving to digital design processes or do you need new expertise?

 I think that you need more expertise, of course, you need to collaborate with people that have this expertise. I think that now it’s really helpful, for example, to go online and search for how to develop, for example, Arduino it’s open source and if you are looking for making wearables you have many hints online to follow, even though it’s always better to have an idea that could be done and then ask to someone that really works with this technology to go deeper in the making of the final garment.


How is Fashion-Tech changing traditional fashion business models? 

Of course, the seasonal business model of fashion could be changed, its very wasteful and I think with digital fabrication we can work on many different layers of new business models. We can work on a local and global production that does not need outsourcing but that could be more inclusive in some way, inclusive from a working point of view but also with the customer.


How is COVID-19 changing the Fashion-Tech sector?

Covid19 pandemic is moving digitalization faster in every sector. In Fashion-Tech we’ve been experiencing a larger use of  3D models so real that you can buy the digital version of a garment that does not exist yet. This is one of the steps towards on-demand production and key to a sustainable fashion system.


During Covid-19, what are the challenges and new opportunities for Fashion-Tech start-ups/businesses?

Fashion Tech startups and businesses must see an opportunity in this emergency in order to develop new models of production and consumption: the customer is at the center of this emergency, co-designing with him/her could be the most important thing to do in order to develop a new relationship based on knowledge, personal satisfaction and both ethical and environmental sustainability.

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