Our Closet

THE CHALLENGE The make-take-dispose linear model that has developed over the last two decades has caused a huge amount of clothing waste. Multiple outfits are regularly purchased and only worn once, and there is little thought put into the sustainability of purchasing habits. One of the possible ways to address this challenge is to leverage […]

  • Chiara Di Lodovico
  • 13 January 2021
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Genius Objects

THE CHALLENGE Smart textiles appears to be a disruptive trend in the textile industry. It will create new offers, new experiences for clients, new opportunities for brands. Traditional brands face challenges in integrating e-textiles in smart products including new skills in electronics, high investment, and long-term R&D. Genius Objects aims to solve these challenges. THE […]


THE CHALLENGE Currently, fashion companies are underserved by the software industry when it comes to data management. Non-industry specific project management tools are easy to use, but cannot adequately replace spreadsheets, and industry PLM solutions are far too expensive and too complex to be viable option for most fashion companies. THE SOLUTION flow.studio is a […]


THE CHALLENGE The online shopping offer has become so dense that consumers can no longer follow everything. Limited market vision: Consumers often miss the rare gem. The search for clothing online has become difficult for 90% of French online shopping consumers. THE SOLUTION Cleed is a personalized shopping assistant within women and men’s ready to […]


THE CHALLENGE 8 out of 10 women continue to shop and wear ill-ftting bras. The lack of accurate ftting services and the substantial shift in online bra shopping induces sizing anxiety in consumers. This problem translates to high return-rates and low repeat-purchase, deteriorating retailers’ performance. THE SOLUTION Brarista is a personal bra-ftting assistant for every […]