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For each type of clothes we wear, sizes change between brands... making it tough to buy the right size for oneself and even more when buying to make a gift... whether we shop online or in shops... For the brands and retailers, the issue is about delivery costs, returns policy and related fees, and impact of such choices on their margin and competitiveness. In other words: return rate! And eventually, solving such issue is also about reducing CO2 emissions caused by apparel parcels being sent back and forth due to unsuitable sizes. With Sizease we help consumers buy the right size for themselves or for relatives thanks to a fashion social network where they can keep track and share the sizeS of the clothes and shoes they wear (#sizebooks) or want (#wishlists). And moreover, the overall users' sizes data allow us to give them reliable size recommendations for brands they don't wear yet, thanks to similarity profiling (patented process). Remember... body measurements do not make the sizes we wear!