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Henrik Jansson

/ Task Leader

Henrik is the CEO of Inkubatorn i Borås (Ink Borås) since 2010. With more than 20 years of experience from the startup and incubation industry, he knows everything there is to know about early stage startups. Henrik has built Ink Borås, going from two employees to the present team of ten, and the Incubator is today owned by the City of Borås with steady funding. He also founded an investment network that exclusively invest in the incubator’s startups. Before coming to Borås, Henrik co-founded and spent nine years at Chalmer’s Innovation (the incubator of Chalmers University). He serves on numerous boards and committees, both startups and other innovation related organizations. His expertise in the innovation system is highly demanded. Ink Borås originally incubated all types of tech startups. The textile and fashion field was incorporated as a natural step with the history of Borås and its’ long history of textile production. From the beginning of 2019 and forward, Ink Borås has an increased focus on attracting startups with technical innovations in textile and fashion.