Genius Objects

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Created in 2015, Genius Objects (GO) is an Internet Of Things (IOT) and e-textile French startup which provides brands, manufacturers and leather goods makers with turnkey solutions. From connected sensors to mobile applications, our technologies, « ready-to-connect », allow customers to quickly develop new intelligent products. Our goal is to become the first “manufacturer” of textile connected accessories for the fashion industry. We strongly believe that our skills will bring us to European leadership. Genius Objects developed and commercialised, since 2017, Zip and Go®, world’s first connected Zipper. This technology allows to use a simple daily gesture such as zipping a bag or coat, to activate connected functions: lighting on products, turn on a heated textile etc. We’re working on a new version with fresh functionalities: water resistance, geolocation, etc. DeFINE will enable GO a better understanding and commercial communication towards the fashion industry, a crucial sector for our growth.