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Juliane Schulze

/ Mentor

As executive advisor with 30 years of experience in the creative industries, Juliane Schulze offers: • Understanding of strategic regional development and global market positioning through fostering creative industry businesses. • Extensive inter-disciplinary and cross-industrial knowledge and deep understanding of different sectoral business models. • Guiding technology driven entrepreneurs in the creative industries as trainer, coach, and mentor in financing, business and investment readiness. • Strategic advisor for European funding institutions and development agencies and veteran project director of several EU-projects focusing on accelerating creative and digital businesses through innovation programmes. • Programme Director of Creative Europe co-financed investor training ENTER Europe as well as Creative Entrepreneurship Programme Investors Lab Berlin. • Chair of the Creative Industries Special Interest Group at EBN. • Guest lecturer at Free University, Berlin, lectured at the Media Business School, teaches at various international innovation summits, audio-visual markets, business events. • Fellow of the Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Energy | Initiative Cultural- and Creative Industry Germany