Daria Casciani

/ Lead Supervisor

Daria Casciani holds a PhD in design with a specialization in lighting. Since 2014, she teaches at the Master in Lighting Design & LED Technology, mentoring in project works of Lighting Design for interiors and product Lighting Design. She is also an adjunct professor at the School of Design of the Politecnico di Milano. Her research interests are focused on the new perspectives of the design of lighting systems in terms of the rapid prototyping techniques for LED based lighting fixtures. In 2012, she was awarded at the 3rd Light Symposium at the Hochschule in Wismar winning the Vox Juventa speech. In 2015, with the Genius Loci project she was awarded (with Helena Gentili and Carlo D'Alesio) with the first prize at the Urban Lightscape International Competition - Landscapes of the contemporary city organized by AIDI (Italian Lighting Association). In 2017, she won the “40 Under 40 Young lighting designers of 2017” and also "The Jean Heap Research Bursary", awarded by the Society of Light and Lighting - SLL.