Danièle Clutier-Leaute

/ Institut Français de la Mode

Danièle is an experienced Lecturer in Fashion Marketing at IFM and in different programmes and institutions. Her range of expertise covers consumer behaviour, strategic marketing, innovation strategies and competitiveness policies. She regularly collaborates with France’s Ministry of Industry to design and implement various collective initiatives to help creative industries raise their competitive level on the global scene by acquiring updated design and technological capabilities. She is Secretary General to the R3iLab innovation network. Danièle regularly carries out strategic studies for businesses and for the European Commission mostly focused on fashion innovation and SME-related issues and challenges. An alumna of INSEAD’s MBA, her career has been focusing on textile and other creative industries since an early stage when she first joined Chargeurs Group as International Marketing Director, after being in charge of market intelligence at Rothmans International. She then went on to set up and run IFM’s Market Research and Consulting Department.